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About us
Our flagship product is the fusion machine (Vulcan), and the main customers are users XRF X-ray fluorescence users.. This spectroscopic method is employed for elementar analysys as it enables determination of the inorganic components in a substance/product. The method is applied throught the entire quality assurance industry as well as in institutions and authorities that monitor regulatory compliance. We deliver all types of accesories, such as cups, foils, chemical and calibration standards, to the users of XRF. Additionally we offer a wide range of sample preparation equipment including fusion equipment, mills and presses To suport our customers,we also provide commercial XRF analysis the manufacture of new reference materials and the implementation of proficiency tests. Apart from the use of our products in connection with X-ray fluorescence analysis, our customers require an increasing amount of suport in the practical application of these method. For this reason, we offer customers the opportunity for complete application development including introduction to onsite methodology in the customer laboratory. In the past , these services were mainly requested by the cement and extractive industries.We now however, offer these services to all users of XRF-worldwide. Training courses including the theoretical fundamentals of XRF technology and practical applications are also offered.

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+49 (0)172 260 36 12
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