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Borate flux with guaranteed purity from our own production. All fluxes are delivered with a certificate of analysis.

  • Anhydrous homogeneous pre-fused fluxes with a low loss on ignition and defined granulometry
  • With these fluxes, the sample is completely dissolved in a borate glass with a perfect surface
  • Non-hygroscopic Dust < 1%
  • purity > 99,98%
  • Special fluxes on request
Code Number Description
1018200 FLUX LT100: Lithium Tetraborate 2kg
1011200 FLUX LT66:LM34: 66% Lithium Tetraborate/34% Lithium Metaborate 2kg
1007300 FLUX LT50:LM50: 50% Lithium Tetraborate/50% Lithium Metaborate 2 kg
1007000 FLUX LT20:LM80: 20% Lithium Tetraborate/80% Lithium Metaborate 2 kg
1015900 FLUX LT80:LM20: 80% Lithium Tetraborate/20% Lithium Metaborate 2 kg
1017800 FLUX LM100: Lithium Metaborate 2kg


In most cases, a binder is required for the preparation of pressed pellets for XRF.

Sample and binder must be mixed homogeneously. We recommends their automatic mixer (MU-K-Mixer)

Code Number Description
SO-press001 Boric acid powder - 1.5kg
SO-press00125 Boric acid tablets ; 250mg - 1000 tablets
SO-press00150 Boric acid tablets ; 500mg 1000 tablets
SO-press0011 FreeBORE powder (to replace "Boric acid" classified CMR) - 0.8kg
SO-press004 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 0.75kg
SO-press0041 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 5kg
SO-press0042 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 20kg
SO-press002 Cellulose powder - 0.8kg
SO-press00325 Cellulose tablets; 250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00333 Cellulose tablets; 330mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00350 Cellulose tablets; 500mg - 500 tablets
SO-press005 MIX55 - 0.75kg
SO-press00525 MIX55 tablets;250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00550 MIX55 tablets;500mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00525K MIX55 tablets;250mg - 5000 tablets
SO-press00550K MIX55 tablets;500mg - 5000 tablets
SO-PM02 Mixing vials (with caps) - 384 vials
SO-PF32 Pellet Film 32mm - 500 ct./box
SO-PF40 Pellet Film 40mm - 500 ct./box
SO-FL032 32mm filling tool
SO-FL040 40mm filling tool
Sample Storage

It is important to keep reference materials prepared as beads or pellets in a dust-free and dry environment.

There is a wide range of boxes and containers for single or multiple samples and standards for XRF.


Table coming soon

BX-0010; BX-0011

Desiccators to store your sensible calibration and monitor samples. Ideal in combination with BX-0002-5, BX-0003-5 or BX-0001-24.

BX-0004-39 / BX-0004-46 / BX-0004-50 / BX-0004-46-6

Store 32 mm (40 mm) samples in these transparent boxes with sealed lid.

BX-0001-18 / BX-0001-24

Boxes to store your individual samples

BX-0002; BX-0003-5

Drawer cabinets suitable for direct storage of non-hygroscopic samples.


Accessories and tools

In our offer you will find a number of tools to accessories for your daily work:

Especially for low quantities of samples a BOREOX backing might be a solution.

To place the sample in the center we offer a special tool to pour the sample into the die. A piston helps to press before filling the BOREOX on top.

Tools are available in two sizes:

  • PR-CD-BA32 dla matryc 32mm
  • PR-CD-BA40 dla matryc 40mm

Al2O3 crucible

The crucible made of aluminum oxide for determination of loss on ignition. Cheap and durable alterantive for platinum crucibles


Handling tool for glass beads and pellets


Ultrasonic bath with heating
Vol. ca. 1.9 l for cleaning

Laboratory Equipment

We also offer tables, fume cupboards

Extractor hood
Using your VULCAN in combination with the extractor hood will ensure that every bead is produced under the same constant conditions, like temperature, circulation of air, stability of the flames!

The extractor hood removes all vapors and fumes, which develop during the fusion; protecting your health and extending the durability of your VULCAN.

Aluminium profile rack; high-grade steel cover and drain Heat resistant glass

Constant circulation (no slanting of the flames) Height 1298 mm, width 900 mm, depth 700 mm

Motor (230 V/50 Hz/90 mA) continuously variable to 2760 r.p.m; 110 V version also available.


Together with the VULCAN and the hood this table forms a professional setup

The table has an integrated drawer for all needed accessories Manufactured of robust steel

Height 750 mm, width 910 mm, depth 760 mm