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New headquarter and laboratory

PDI at night PDI at night


The opening of our new headquarters PD Instruments and laboratory XRF took place in 2015. Offer of our laboratory is addressed to all XRF users. Welcome to cooperate.

The main aspect of our laboratory is to assist in the development of analytical methods for XRF analysis. The wrong results of analysis is caused errors during preparation. This is the reason for which we pay attention for the right preparation.

PD Instruments laboratory offers preparation of samples and XRF analysis for liquid samples, powder, solid and fused.

Our laboratory is equipped with:

- grinding mill (mill Retsch MM 400)
- muffle furnace
- homogenizer mixer
- The Fusion Machine - Vulcan
- The press manual or automatic press 25t M 25t A and 40t
- WDXRF spectrometer

We offer qualitative and quantitative analysis for raw materials and cements at this moment. We will inform about the new application.

Do you want to compare your results with our lab? Please, contact us and send your samples. We will analyze of the material.

Attention!!! The first 5 samples is free of charge.