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Press techology
Press technology:

Pressing Technology, due to the rapid preparation of pellets, has been used in quality control. This method works well when analyzing samples containing large amounts of volatile components.

We offer the original press from HD Elektronik and PD Instruments.

Hercules - 25t manual

  • Max pressure 25 t
  • Pressure display 0-25 t
  • Piston 115 mm
  • Stroke 30 mm
  • Bolster Screw diameter 40 mm
  • Bolster Screw Travel 200 mm
  • Min. distance between pressing faces 70 mm
  • Max. distance between pressing faces 170 mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 340 x 840 x 475 mm
  • Weight 110 kg

Hercules - 25t automatic

  • Max. pressure 25 t
  • Min. distance between pressing faces 70mm
  • Max. distance between pressing faces 170mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 555 x 660 x 390 mm
  • Weight 120 kg
  • Voltage 230V AC/50Hz
  • One-step pressing/ Three-step pressing
  • Pressing time regulation
  • 7" Tochscreen
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • LED lighting in the press chamber
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Usage of diffrent dies with/ without rings possible
  • Door-look system optional

Hercules - 40t automatic

First bench top unit worldwide

Die for all common preparation techniques

e.g. 32mm, 40mm, 40/32mm rings, 51.5/35mm rings, also Customer specific diameters with or without ring possible. 10 different application programs

3 ramping steps programmable Press chamber lightening

  • Max pressure 40 t
  • Pressure display Display
  • Piston 100 mm
  • Stroke 60 mm
  • Voltage 230 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 340 x 490 x 550 mm
  • Weight 120 kg

The dies are designed for use with our hydraulic presses.

Halide disks for infrared analysis are usually produced with 13 mm sized dies.

The larger sized dies with 32 and 40 mm are commonly used in pressing samples for XRF and XRD analysis and many other industrial applications. Nevertheless we can produce dies with diameters between

8 and 55 mm. All of the dies are equipped with nitrile O-ring seals and 2 pellets between the sample can be pressed.


In our offer we also have a matrix that allows compression of the rings.


In most cases, a binder is required for the preparation of pressed pellets for XRF.

Sample and binder must be mixed homogeneously. We recommends their automatic mixer (MU-K-Mixer)

Code Number Description
SO-press001 Boric acid powder - 1.5kg
SO-press00125 Boric acid tablets ; 250mg - 1000 tablets
SO-press00150 Boric acid tablets ; 500mg 1000 tablets
SO-press0011 FreeBORE powder (to replace "Boric acid" classified CMR) - 0.8kg
SO-press004 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 0.75kg
SO-press0041 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 5kg
SO-press0042 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax) - 20kg
SO-press002 Cellulose powder - 0.8kg
SO-press00325 Cellulose tablets; 250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00333 Cellulose tablets; 330mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00350 Cellulose tablets; 500mg - 500 tablets
SO-press005 MIX55 - 0.75kg
SO-press00525 MIX55 tablets;250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00550 MIX55 tablets;500mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00525K MIX55 tablets;250mg - 5000 tablets
SO-press00550K MIX55 tablets;500mg - 5000 tablets
SO-PM02 Mixing vials (with caps) - 384 vials
SO-PF32 Pellet Film 32mm - 500 ct./box
SO-PF40 Pellet Film 40mm - 500 ct./box
SO-FL032 32mm filling tool
SO-FL040 40mm filling tool
Alu capse

Alu cups are used to stabilize your sample from 2 sides. However, for a successful use, the sample must show at least some binding properties. Another advantage of this method is the possibility of labeling and sucking with autosamplers.

  • labeled molds, which do not obstructs the sample surface
  • designed for use with autosampler
Code Number Description
SO-S32 Straight Walled Aluminum cups 30 x 8mm - 1000 cups
SO-S40 Straight Walled Aluminum cups 38.5 x 9.5mm - 600 cups
SO-T40 Tapered Aluminum cups 39.8 x 9.5mm - 600 cups
SO-S40H Straight Walled Aluminum cups 39.8 x 7.5mm - 600 cups
SO-S40H2 Straight Walled Aluminum cups 39.8 x 7.5mm - 600 cups
SO-T32 Tapered Aluminum cups 31,8 x 9mm - 1000 cups
SO-T35 Tapered Aluminum cups 35 x 8mm - 1000 cups
SO-S33 Straight Walled Aluminum cups 33 x 8mm - 1000 cups
SO-S40 Straight Walled Aluminum cups 38.5 x 9.5mm - 600 cups
XRF - Mixer


  • Variable speed control between 0-3000 rpm Powerful 46 watt motor
  • Continuous or touch activation Shock-absorber feet
  • Includes rubber platform cover 145 x 175 x 140 mm (W x D x H) Weight 1.9 kg
  • Power AC 230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
  • Containers for mixing of the sample with a binder - 40ml
  • MU-MB-380-1
  • Balls mixers - available with a diameter of 5mm; 7mm; 9mm and 12.7mm