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Reference materials
Reference materials

Reference materials (RM) are reqired to create XRF applications.

Here, the emphasis is placed on the certification of new materials that do not yet exist. The developmentof RMs is performer according to custome needs. A new RM is made together with the customer, tested for suitability and analyzed in proficiency tests. Participation is open to every user of XRF.

Aplication Packages

Many XRF users wish for a service provider that can help in estabilishing new testing procedures. PD Instruments has experiences field technicians who are well versed in sample preparation as well as the operation of XRF instruments.

If a customer wants to bay a complete aplication package, this is first introduced in PD Instrument laboratory, tested and validated with the same samples that are to be used for the testing procedurę. The complete procedurę, including sample preparation, calibration standards setup and calibration of the XRF instrument as well as onsite validation in the customer labratory, is provided.

Available application packages:

  • Cement industry
  • Raw materials industry
  • Glass industry
  • Steel industry
  • Powe plants
  • Petriol industry

Other application on requiest